At Fur-Ever Home Rescue, we rely primarily on donations to fund our efforts. Because of supporters like you, we are able to focus our efforts on urgent, medical and behavioral cases - animals that truly need our help. Donations are essential for us to be able to help these harder cases.  We also have our sanctuary which houses animals that now only rely on us to provide their care but also need a place to call home. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help our efforts.

Fur-Ever Home Rescue is a registered 501c3 

Ways to Donate

Are you or someone in your family writing a will or planning a trust? Please consider Fur-Ever Home Rescue.

These bequests enable the care of so many cat and dogs in need, allowing FEHR to grow and continue our sanctuary for years to come. It's a beautiful way to honor your love and compassion for animals in need.

You may simply state in your will or trust document:

“I give to Fur-Ever Home Rescue, Inc. a 501c)(3) corporation, located in Zimmerman, Minnesota,[ _____% of my estate – or – $_____] to Fur-Ever Home Rescue, Inc. for its unrestricted use.” If you wish to direct your legacy to our sanctuary property we call the Healing Haven, please so state in your bequest.

Please note that Fur-Ever Home Rescue strongly advises any supporter to seek the counsel of an attorney or other tax advisor in any and all aspects of their proposed gift whether by bequest, trust agreement, contract, or other means.

In many cases supporters may designate Fur-Ever Home Rescue, Inc. as a beneficiary to an IRA, SEP-IRA, 401(k), or other asset account designating “Transfer upon Death” to Fur-Ever Home, Inc. Please consult with your attorney, broker, banker, or plan administrator to pursue this option.

If you have any further questions you may also contact our organization via e-mail or via phone. Our board of directors will answer any questions you may have as best they are able.

(651) 707-4701

We thank you for your consideration.




Become a Member


Members provide the steady and reliable funds that make it possible for us to respond and save lives quickly as well as operate our sanctuary and outreach program. When you become a Fur-Ever Home Rescue Member you will be saving dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, sizes and personalities every day of the year!


Could pay for behavioral training or regular care for our diabetic/special needs cats

Could pay for vaccinations + microchip + deworm for one animal


Give Online

​Donate online through PayPal or GiveMN.  Both accept credit/debit cards.


Could pay for vaccinations for spay/neuter surgery

Fulfill our Wishlist

Your Donation Makes a Big Difference

Could pay for a microchip + registration for one animal

Membership Options


Could enable us to rescue a shelter animal with an existing medical condition that requires special care


Could pay for vaccinations for one animal

Check out our Amazon Wishlist to see what items we are currently in need of & they will ship directly to us!