In order to secure this property for the long term we have a lot of funds we need to raise ($350k).  Yes it is a lot of money to raise in a very short amount of time but we are determined to do this and rock this monumental opportunity to save so many of the dogs and cats you see multiple rescue advocates networking for on fb, begging & pleading for someone to take a chance on - knowing that the animal is shut down due to the shelter environment they are in.  Our Outreach Program allows us to be that chance for these animals.  We are able to set them up for success and find them rescue placement once they have a chance to show us who they really are.  So many of these animals are not themselves in a shelter environment - can you blame them?

So far our program has been in operation since September 2016 and has saved hundreds of animals. 

Fur Ever Home Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non profit, so all donations are tax deductible.  You can contribute towards the Healing Haven by donating via paypal (note it is for the Healing Haven)- or by mailing a check (note it is for Healing Haven in the memo) to:

24500 US Hwy 169

Zimmerman, MN 55398

Healing Haven


Transparency is key.  Download a copy of our most recent financial documents for review.

In 2013 our founder decided to start a rescue a bit different than the others.  She wanted to focus on helping the harder cases... urgent medical needs, behavior cases - animals that needed a little more effort than the majority.  We have stayed true to that vision while keeping quality medical & behavioral care our number one priority.  Through all of this we have learned that no matter what animals we may want to help, it is always a battle with finding an open and appropriate foster home for that animal to go to. Especially when you are dealing with urgent cases where an animal needs to get into a vet immediately.  Waiting for a foster home to step up is not time we have in these emergency cases.  We have also learned that many of the behavioral cases we take on simply do not display the worrisome behaviors they were exhibiting in a shelter environment once they get settled into a foster home - sometimes it only takes a matter of hours.  With these things in mind we decided we had to change up the game a bit and think outside of the box.

In true Fur-Ever Home Rescue fashion, we decided to 'go big or go home'.  An opportunity fell into our laps and we couldn't help but think it was fate.  We are currently leasing a property which houses at risk animals, with a few other buildings on 78 acres, just north of the twin cities.  The log cabin houses local dogs & cats that are labeled as 'rescue only' or 'not adoptable' through our Outreach Program until a foster home or rescue is found)...think dog/cat hit by car, etc.  The Outreach Program animals will stay for a 2 week shut down/decompress period, where we will give them an opportunity to show their true colors & shake off the shelter stress.  Once they are decompressed we will re-evaluate them and place them with appropriate rescue organizations, find fosters, adoptive homes, or they can stay where they are. 

Donor Guide

Interested in partnering with us on this ground-breaking opportunity for animals in MN?  Grab a copy of our Donor Guide to learn more.