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Adoptable Animals

Check out our adoptable animals & find your new best friend!


Thank you for choosing to adopt and for considering to adopt your next best friend from Fur-Ever Home Rescue. A lot of the animals in our care have gone through more than most and have already had to transition from a shelter/impound environment to a foster home - sometimes they end up in our care after being abandoned or injured. We strive to keep the number of those transitions, as minimal as possible. Why does this matter to you? Well, because we are dedicated to making the lives for the animals in our care as stress free as possible - which in turn means we are going to be thorough with our application screening process to ensure we find you a new family member that fits well into your life. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.  Some will live for a good 20 years.  We want to make sure that our adoption placements are forever so making sure we find an animal that is a good fit for your family and home is a priority of ours. 

The first part of the adoption process is submitting an adoption application. Once your application is received, a FEHR Adoption Coordinator will review it with the foster to determine if the animal you are interested in fits your lifestyle, home environment and energy level. Please give our volunteers 24-48 business hours to process your application. (Please note-we are not open weekends.) Please be patient as our volunteers are working as hard as they can especially with the changes due to Covid.

If both agree it’s a good fit, then a home visit will be set up. This is very quick and simple. We require this before a meet and great takes place to put less stress on the animals in case it's not a fit.

If at any point in the process we find that the animal of your choice is not the perfect match, then we will work with you to find one that is more suitable and would make a GREAT addition to your home! 

This may feel like a long process, but it is important to understand that we need to know that these animals will never end up unwanted again! Just remember that the end result (bringing home a new pet!) is both worthwhile and a rewarding experience!

To adopt an animal from Fur-Ever Home Rescue you must:

  1. ​​Be over the age of 18 years old
  2. Be local to the central MN area. We cannot typically facilitate out of state adoptions but can in select areas of western Wisconsin.
  3. Submit an adoption application online
  4. ​Have approval from your landlord, association and/or other housemates
  5. Agree to a virtual home visit

How to Adopt