Hello - I'm Vinny!

Everyone says I am super handsome. I would tend to agree. I was adopted from another rescue as a kitten. My family decided to declaw me. Did that ever hurt! When I was two years old they decided they didn't want me anymore. They said it was because they were having a baby, but it was really because my feet hurt so bad that sometimes I pick a softer spot to go to the bathroom than my litterbox.

It broke my heart to loose my home, but the people here are really nice to me. They make sure I have soft litter options, and potty pads in case I like those better. They also never get mad at me if I have an accident on a blanket.

I live with other cats here at the sanctuary and for some reason all the lady cats love me. I would prefer they don't but it has to be my looks. My favorite thing to do it play with cat tunnels and get treats.

Anyone who sponsors me should know that I am really a sweet boy, with a big heart who didn't deserve what happened to me. I may not have a home of my own, but I do have a rescue family that loves me. They just need a little help.

Sponsor Vinny:

Ok so I am supposed to start by telling you my name. I have several actually:

Princess B, Luna B, B and Beatrice.

My mom gave birth to my siblings and I in rescue. No one knew she had some sort of infection. The infection caused all but me and one of my sisters to pass away shortly after birth. I was later adopted and lived in my home with my family for 4 years. They were moving and decided my energy and anxiety was to much for them so here I am, back in rescue.

I live at the sanctuary now where I have made a friend named Levi. We sometimes play, but his barking drives me a bit bonkers so we don't live together we are just neighbors. I have to have special accommodations here because I get easily frustrated by other dogs barking, and I can't live near cats.

I like a nice calm environment where I can relax and watch dog tv. I hope someday I can have a home again, but for now, this is home. The humans gave me my own dog cabin which is great! I am also quite the diva, and am not a fan of having my nails cut or being poked at by the vet so I do make sure these humans don't get to slack.

To some, I may seem like a handful, but the people here do a really good job of making sure I am happy and cared for. It would make their lives a little easier if they had some help.

Sponsor Beatrice:

Hi - my name is Levi!

I am a super sweet boy who loves to love!

I was found running with a bunch of dogs who all lived with me after our owner passed away. Someone was cruel to me and I don't like to talk about. I got broken bones in my spinal area, and now I am unable to control my bladder or bowels. I get sore and limp a little sometimes too. It's ok though because the nice people her take good care of me even when I make a mess. They tell me someday someone very special may come along and be lucky enough to adopt me, but either way I have a home here at the Sanctuary.

My care includes my food, vetting costs, as well as the costs to keep me and my area nice and clean. I keep everyone on their toes with laundry since I can't be trusted not to eat my diapers. What? They feel weird.

If you choose to sponsor me just know, I may never be able to thank you but my heart will know you care. 

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